Friday, June 25, 2004
Over the past week Claire has managed to grab her toes everyday. She has also started talking or raising her voice at large groups of people, mainly strangers, without fear. At home she started saying or kind of humming "baaaa" while spitting bubbles. The last two actions were great accomplishments in her language development. Another interesting noise is a grunting sound when she wants my attention that has a rounded tone like when we say "uh huh" to signify agreement or understanding.

For three nights we hosted a French student, Noemie, who was my host sister eight years ago when I studied abroad in Lyon, France. I took her to the beach, we watched three different movies, I made her hot chocolate mixed with milk (cuz I knew she used to like that as a seven year old and still does), she played with Claire, we listened to little French songs and riddles on a CD that she brought for Claire and that she used to listen to as a little girl in France. She had to translate some of the words for me. We were busy, but we rested too. It was hard to know if she was having fun, mainly because she's so quiet. Noemie will be in Portland until the end of July, and I'm looking forward to spending more time with her.
Friday, June 11, 2004
I just watched the hour and a half funeral for president Ronald Reagan as Claire slept in my arms (now she's on the couch beside me). I was touched by many of the speeches, especially former President Bush's sense of humor as he related humorous stories from Reagan's life. One of the t.v. announcers said that President Reagan's favorite song was Amazing Grace. I was reminded of the funeral of my maternal grandpa, Raymond Gellatly, in April of 2003 where I played Amazing Grace on my violin. Everytime I hear that song I think of my grandpa and tears fill my eyes. Funerals are very poignant regardless if one believes with the politics of the deceased.
Last night Claire laughed at me repeatedly for the very first time in her life! I was looking forward to that moment and wasn't disappointed.
Wednesday, June 02, 2004
This summer I'm going to be working afternoons for four weeks at a summer camp called Clouds Hill Farm. I will be teaching "Imaginetime" to four groups of kids aged 5-10. Claire will come with me too. That is the ideal teaching job!!! I get to interact with kids while having my daughter at my side or on my back in this case!

In church last Sunday, Claire sang or spoke up everytime the "Aleluia" chorus came around. It was very cute and people commented on it afterwards. She produced the short "a" vowel sound almost parellel to the sound in "Aleluia." My mom thinks she'll sing along with her too on the rare occasions she sings to my daughter. Perhaps her speech development has begun.

Today we have her 4 month appointment. She'll be 4 months tomorrow. I haven't heard her really babble yet, but her vocalizations are becoming more forceful, throaty and louder each day. She has really tuned into our cats. Instead of only getting excited with her body, she starts making monosyllabic sounds, resembling "Yeah."

Tomorrow my husband Brian and I are going out on a date, although we haven't found a family babysitter yet. I think we should do an afternoon date cuz she gets very fussy in the evenings as the daylight disappears!

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