Saturday, July 31, 2004
Last Wednesday Noemie, our French student, left to go back to Lyon, France. She was here six weeks and we, my parents and husband, bonded with her! I had bonded with her eight years ago when I lived a year in Lyon, France, but it was great to watch her get to know my family. She was showered with love especially by my mom who was tired and a little ready for her to leave so she could have her normal alone time instead of being the hostess with the mostest. Brian, Claire & I want to return to Lyon (well, Claire's first trip) before Claire is two years old cuz it's a lot cheaper!!! Noemie spoke a little French to Claire, but I'm excited to have her see, smell, taste, and hear France for herself!!! A bientot Noemie et sa famille!!!
Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Wednesdays this summer, I'm tutoring a high school student in French.  It's a pretty easy way to make some money $20/hour and it's great working with someone one-on-one instead of the classroom setting.  I think I might continue this later on throughout the school year, especially if some students want to come to my house!!!  This girl lives about 25-30 minutes away so it's quite a trek for Claire and I, however, I can't complain because it's only a short period of time.

Last night I was asked to be the treasurer for our church!  A woman recommended me who is presently the treasurer, but going through some hard times.  I enjoy paying bills, sounds weird, but it's true...  Brian thinks I'd enjoy being an accountant cuz I am very detail oriented.  I had thought about becoming an accountant so maybe I will someday.

I want to open an ING savings account a friend of ours told us about.  I'm waiting on details about it, but it'd earn us a few extra pennies on our savings without requiring us to sign our lives away!!!

Tomorrow we leave for family camp at Wallowa Lake for the weekend.  I'm excited to have a restful time once we get there, however, I'm praying that Claire will cooperate during the five hour car ride!!!  Last car ride didn't go so well, but she did produce a tooth the next day so I think that's why she was so uncomfortable.  Thank God for babies!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Today I visited a former colleague of mine who just had a baby girl on July 2nd.  Her baby's name is Sophie Marie!  Beautiful...  She weighs 8lbs and looks so tiny!  I can't believe Claire was that small once.  I saw the fatigue in my friend's face as she remains housebound to some extent based on the baby's sleep and eating needs.  Claire at 5 1/2 is able to entertain herself which gives me and my body a break from entertaining and holding her.  It's amazing how fast they change!  Ohh...she just caught sight of the cat, a few more seconds of time pass before she needs me!  What a blessing this baby is!!!
Monday, July 19, 2004
Has it really been almost a month since I last wrote???  Wow!  This summer has been very busy!  Highlights have been that Claire got her first tooth yesterday at 5 1/2 months old, she's sitting up practically on her own for long periods of time (this morning for about 20 minutes in the corner of the couch despite her second cousins bouncing on the couch!!!).  She ate some rice cereal mixed with breast milk this week and also sat in the shopping cart three times.  It's over, she's no longer a baby, might as well pack up the diapers!!!  Well, not quite, but it feels that way since she's crossed these important milestones!!!
I read my husband Brian's blog entries for the past couple of days.  I'm impressed with how much he writes, at such depth...  My brain doesn't think that way very often, or if it does, I don't feel the need to find the words to write it down.
Gotta go.  My mom needs a ride from the mechanic's home.  I wish she'd just buy a new car instead of financing her mechanic's retirement, but he is a nice guy!  Still, new cars are awesome!
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I was a French teacher for four years, a life-long dream achieved. Now, I'm taking a serious break to raise a family. I go to a United Methodist Church regularly with my husband, daughter and son. For my future ideal job, I'd love to travel the world eating in great restaurants and write food reviews!!! Someday I'd like to live on the Oregon Coast and be a translator for French tourists! However, in the meantime I'm earning a substantial income with Jewels by Park Lane, subbing & Shaklee!

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