Friday, November 04, 2005
Today I had a not-so-pleasant encounter with a McDonald's mom! I'm venting a little here so hang in there with me. Let me know if you can relate or if I'm totally clueless!!!

Since it's a rainy day and I'm cleaning our oven, I decided to take Claire and I to lunch at a local McDonald's that has a play area. Claire's still on the young side so this was our first time to explore and I expected she'd get a little bumped around by the bigger kids and that was okay with me. Well, after playing very well and for quite awhile I heard her crying. Another mom started scolding her kid for pushing another boy. I assumed it had something to do with why Claire was crying so I started to say "It's okay, I knew she'd get fall down eventually." She snapped back "I'm not talking to/about your kid, I'm talking to my kid. I'm not watching your kid!"

I was wrong to assume she cared anything about my kid! I'd be sad or concerned if another kid was crying even if my kid had nothing to do with it. Seems like common decency to me. I got no empathy from this lady. I even, naively, tried to say something later...why I bothered, I have no idea, and again she said "I'm not watching your kid." Based on how involved she was in her grown-up conversation with another mom and how little she really was watching her own kid(s), she's the last person I would have liked to have keeping an eye on my kid.

It was about time for us to go anyway so I put Claire's socks on and carried her out of the play area without giving that lady a second glance. I felt weird by the entire experience. I thought that there will be many more encounters like this in the future so I should just prepare myself. I felt sorry for her lack of calm and her abruptness to become defensive over something I wasn't upset about at all. She was upset I said anything to her! I was trying to console her... for what, I have no idea. She apparently had it all under control. Whatever.

I said a little prayer for her and thought she must be someone who really needs a break, needs to relax and let go of whatever tensions she's holding onto. We've been watching "The Lion King" tons and if I could do it again I would have told her "Hakuna Matata," but I bet that would have set her off in another direction I would have wanted to avoid... So my prayer for me is that I can "let it go" too. Tomorrow will be a fun day and I'm going to focus on what I need to do to be ready for our Open House! Focus on the future, Sarah, not the past!!!!
Wednesday, November 02, 2005
My final, pre-baby Shaklee Open House is this Saturday! I have three other vendors coming besides myself and my mom who do Shaklee. A Mary Kay rep will be here, Ronda with haloframes will also be here (again!) and another friend Judith who does cards and her business is called Stampin' Up! I'm hopeful for a crowd and good sales to all!

Claire is sleeping still and it's 10am. She had a rough night due to her cold. Brian attended to her sleepless 90 minutes last night and I know he must be exhausted! I was only awake with her at most 20 minutes and she wasn't really awake.

Monday I had a scare! I saw some blood in the toilet in combination with having to urinate constantly. We went to the hospital. I was contracting, but it was due to my bladder infection. The meds are making me feel much better. I've never had a bladder infection before now so being 34 weeks pregnant and really not knowing what labor feels like (I was induced last time with an immediate epidural), I was concerned this baby was coming too soon! Not the case! He'll wait until December after all! I hope!!!

Our church found someone else to be Treasurer so I'm excited this month is the last time I'll be writing these checks for a long time, if ever!!!
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