Friday, September 30, 2005
Wish list:
Microwave to go over the stove (so I have more counter space!)
Bench for the entry way to store shoes and have place to sit
Wall-mounting, matching reading lamps for our bedroom
Someone to come to my house, pick out paint colors and paint a few walls in our white-walled house
Weekly cleaning service for a year that only used Shaklee products of course!

Earlier today I thought I had a gigantic list, but as I sat down to write, I couldn't remember what I wanted! Of course, my list could be longer, but I have a lot to be thankful for!

I turn 30 on Monday and I just don't have tons of energy for planning, thinking about and/or organizing a party! Maybe 33 will be the year of the big party. For some reason, I'm excited to be 33. If I'm healthy, I will be happy and thankful for every birthday! This birthday (as with #28) I'm pregnant so I'm going to take it easy!

Claire is sleeping! I went to coffee at Longbottom Brewery with a few friends this morning. My neighbor and her husband who have a son Claire's age watched Claire for me. When I got back, she wanted to cuddle! She fell asleep quickly. It's a rainy day and she's still getting over her illness so that might explain the early nap, but I was surprised. It's been almost two hours and I haven't heard a peep.

Well, I'd better get ready... I am having a couple people over tonight to make swiss cheese fondue. I'm excited to make it and hope it tastes good! I'm kinda in the mood to just sit and enjoy the rain!
Thursday, September 29, 2005
October 8th is our next Shaklee Open House! I'm anticipating a very large showing of people! We'll have another one in November and then, hopefully, our baby will come before then! Wish us luck!

Claire was sick with a fever Tuesday afternoon through early this morning. She's doing so much better compared to yesterday! We held her practically all day. Fortunately, Brian, my mom, my sister Anna & I took turns holding her while she slept and her fever went up and down! It's good to see her on her own two feet again! The last time she was sick was in December at Christmastime. We're very lucky that she's not sick more often!!!
Friday, September 23, 2005
Today I subbed at a local high school. The call was for French, but when I got there and read the lesson plans I realized it was half French and half IB History! So instead of speaking French all day like I had hoped, I got to read about Gandhi and discuss political cartoons. History is not my strong suit. Apparently this teacher was in the Peace Corps so I think French is her secondary subject... Just a hunch. Overall, it was a good day, a change from the normal routine.

Tomorrow we're going to a wedding of one of my dad's cousins in Seattle, WA. It'll be a long day, but hopefully, Claire will do okay in the car. Sleep, you ask? Not my girl. I hope our boy sleeps a little more than she does, like his daddy!
Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Yes, it was my fault after all. Hopefully, the problem is fixed now, but I have to wait a couple days to be certain. After 45 minutes on the phone I was exhausted. I think I talked to a total of four people to get the problem answered... Fortunately, Claire was patient and let me talk and focus.

This type of situation makes me question my priorities. I know that service fees aren't the end of the word, yet, they signify in my mind a bad grade, an acknowledgement that I did something wrong. Who knows why I let it bother me so much. I'm not feeling up to psychoanalyzing myself as profoundly as is needed to answer that question at the moment, but I'm sure it'll come to me sooner or later.

For now, I'm going to relax, finish addressing thank you notes to my Shaklee customer members and a few new customers and drink some cold, refreshing juice! I'll probably figure out what's for dinner too at some point!
Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Urgh! I'm so frustrated! I got two emails from a credit card saying the online payment I tried to make got rejected by my bank... Of course, by the time I got the message, my bank was closed so I have to wait more than 18 hours to find out what the heck went wrong. Yes, I have money in my account. Did I enter the number in wrong? Unlikely! I haven't used this account to pay a bill online before so maybe that's the issue, who knows?!? I won't know until tomorrow! I wish our credit union had 24 service! Oh well... no one ever said patience was my strong suit! When I try to be so careful, especially when it comes to money, bill paying, etc, it irks me when a fine is at risk and I don't think it's my fault! If it is my fault I will deal, but fortunately, I'm usually on top of things!

Monday, September 19, 2005
Last night we told my parents and sisters the name we think we've chosen for our baby boy. Now we need to tell Brian's family. Afterwards, I'll post it for all to see. So far, no one has guessed it, but I usually don't give them much of a chance to offer a guess before I blurt it out. Hopefully, this name will stick... Claire was going to be Emily until Brian found out that it was a top 10 name for the past six years or so.

I got my monthly Shaklee bonus check this month! It was more than last month's check which is good! I'd love to double it by the end of the year so I have to keep working my business as best as I can! I like sharing better health with friends and family! Hopefully, they will refer customers to me and eventually more and more people who'd like to earn money from Shaklee too...

Thursday, September 15, 2005
I'm trying an experiment to see how long Claire can last before she finally falls asleep for her nap. So far it's been 45 minutes. I hear noise, but no crying... She's going to have to train herself to fall asleep for me in the afternoon like she's been doing at night for her dad. At an hour I think I might just break down and go rock her, we'll see.

Yesterday I had my seven month doctor appointment. Today I found out I'm iron deficient. So instead of only taking 18mg of iron they said I need to take 325mg twice a day! Wow! That's a jump! Maybe boys take more iron out of a mother's body than girls? So to get started on my new regimen I snacked on some leftover steak I made the other night for dinner. More water and fiber will be needed to counteract the effects of all the iron in my system... Fun times!

Well, I think we decided on a name yesterday for our soon to be born baby boy. It's six letters long and has three syllables. Feel free to comment on your guesses. However, we may find a better name yet, who knows?

A couple of nights ago we got an email from my grampa in Hunters, WA who was having computer problems. Brian answers these questions, of course, but Grampa also shared a story about how he barely missed hitting a cow and her calf that managed to wander up onto the country road. It was dark and he has more trouble seeing at night these days. After reading his story about how grateful he was that he had prayed to God to help him not hit anything on the ride home, I realized that (and yes this is a tangent) I think it is very cool to have a grampa, aged 79, who writes emails pretty regularly. How unusual is he?
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Right now we have eight items for bid on ebay and the auction closes in less than six hours. It's always fun to watch the bids rise. Hopefully, we'll make a little money, but so far some of the bids are only at 1 cent... It's a fun marketplace.

While browsing ebay, I noticed some Shaklee items for sale. I don't think it's the way Shaklee wants distributors to sell their products, but I'm not the expert on the rules of Shaklee selling. I'd rather interact with the person in person instead of online when selling, but I know the world is changing to become more and more on line!

Tomorrow is our seven month appointment for the baby. I think I've gained about 20 pounds so far. I gained 35-40 with Claire so it seems like I'm progressing about the same. I have to drink Glucola tomorrow...yummy (not really!)... Actually, I don't really remember from last time what it tastes like! This pregnancy is progressing so quickly. I'm trying to wrap my brain around the fact that our fairly regular routine now is about to go out the window! We'll learn as we go, I'm sure! All three, no four, of us...

We went to the Portland Zoo today. It was a quick trip, but fun... I think Claire was overwhelmed by all the animals and people! Next time, she'll probably enjoy it more. We'll have to make sure to go before the rain comes!
Sunday, September 11, 2005
My Shaklee Open House came and went without too much business. I had anticipated more people coming than actually showed up! Oh well... That's part of being in business. There's still 19 days left of September and I'm determined to have a good month still! I did get my house nice and clean which was a bonus.

Tonight we had a great salmon, halibut, steak and lots of vegetable cookout at my mom & dad's. My dad caught the fish in Prince Rupert, Canada on a trip this summer with his parents and one of his brothers. It's good fish and it makes me wish fishing was part of our regualar hobbies. For now, we'll enjoy the bounty others catch.

The baby boy inside has been very active lately. It's a good thing! I'm feeling very pregnant now. I had my doubts between the third and forth months when I wasn't feeling too sick, wasn't showing and had a dream that the baby had died. My worries have long gone about that. Now I'm concerned only with making it to December before our baby is born. No particular reason, really, just want it to come after 38 weeks.

I've noticed more hits for Project Mahma on different search engines have led people to my site. I'm sure MAHMA stands for more than one thing, but I'm interested in finding Shaklee Project Mahma people in the Beaverton, OR area. If you're reading this, make sure to comment!
Thursday, September 08, 2005
This weekend I'm hosting another Shaklee Open House. Last month it was at my mom's and it was a combination Open House with a Homemade Gourmet rep and a friend who paints her own photo frames for magnetic surfaces. On Saturday it'll be only MOI represented and the turnout should be great. I invited several neighborhood ladies that I've met a few times so hopefully we'll all get to know each other a little better too. In addition I sent out a mass email and a few flyers to people who don't (for some reason) yet have email! Amazing... We'll see how it goes!

Before I mentioned that I'm no longer nursing my daughter who is now 19 months. We stopped about three weeks ago. I think if I let her nurse today she'd do it, but I know I have more energy now that I'm not making myself available to her in that way. It's cute and a little sad that she still thinks about nursing, if only briefly, so I wonder how she'll cope with watching her baby brother nurse in December.?. My mom asked me if I'd let Claire nurse and I honestly hadn't thought about it. It seems complicated, not to mention tiring! I remember how much time little babies spend nursing and I don't think I'd ever leave the couch or rocking chair if I nursed two kids so I don't think we'll go there again. I did enjoy nursing Claire and obviously she enjoyed it too, but it's nice to have a small break (and wear a regular bra for a change) before the next baby comes!

My husband and I are trying to decide on a name for our boy. Any suggestions? His middle name will be Raymond after my grandpa who died in March of 2003. Our last name starts with a K so the last two intials are _RK. Please help!

This Sunday I'm helping to organize a baby shower for our friends who just adopted a baby boy. He arrived six weeks early and caught them way off guard. They had to fly to the other side of the country, then wait until he got heavy and independent enough to travel. Our church is great. They've given our friends lots of support and they are anxious to meet the new little guy. Claire learned quickly at our first visit with them that she has to be very gentle when approaching him or a big person who might be holding him. At our second and third visits with him it was clear she'd learned fast!
Good thoughts, bad thoughts, personal thoughts...

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