Monday, January 31, 2005
So as I finish the first seven short chapters of The Purpose Driven Life I am left with several thoughts, but the main thought is the sense of eternity. It's so easy to get bogged down with the physical, that it's hard to think beyond this life. What will eternity and heaven be like? Yes, we can read about it in the Bible, but I know we can't fully comprehend heaven as God wants us to. I'm okay with having the details be fuzzy.
Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Lately, I've been feeling spiritually disconnected. It could be related to our pastor situation or it could be many other reasons that don't really matter. I'm on a quest to find an "aha" moment internally about my understanding of God, my faith and how I want to keep living from this day forward.

I'm in a Bible study group that began in January of 2001, before I met Brian! There are four of us who were there from day one who are still attending. We had a great bonding meeting this Monday night...just so happened we were the only four in attendance out of six or seven current members. We decided to read A Purpose Driven Life. Yes, I know it's very commercial and mainstream, popular Christianity, but I don't care right now. I'm willing to read it to see if I gain any understanding about my faith. I'll update you on what I find out, if anything. Actually, I'm optimistic I'll glean a couple morsels of thoughts to chew on...

On another note...Claire and I are doing swim lessons again. The kids are so cute. The teacher's much better than last summer and I'm grateful that she's teaching instead of the other lady who couldn't sing in tune. I'm very sensitive to out-of-pitch anything! I'm glad Claire likes the water.
Thursday, January 06, 2005
Credit cards stink!!!! We just got a finance charge that was way more than I expected for no good reason. I tried to call twice to get it reduced or removed without success... No surprise there!!! I need to let it go, but I hate having to pay them money I didn't purposefully spend! I usually don't have to either, but I fouled up this time. But it's a mistake I'm not willing to pay $29 for without a fight. We probably won't renew it next time. My own little revenge...

Claire is sleeping. She can walk pretty well now! She said "drum" and "balloon" yesterday and sings "a b c d..." without any melody, but it's pretty clear that's what she's trying to say. She got excited when I started singing it back to her at least!

Will it snow tonight? I hope so!!!

Next week I'm going back to my former work to listen to some former students present an oral project in French. It'll be weird to see them and evaluate them (well, kinda) again. Some of them were in a class of mine that didn't go too smoothly a couple years ago. It'll be good to see how/if they've matured and how I relate to them now as a mother of a baby girl, instead of a full-time, tired teacher.

Our pastor actually gave a good sermon last Sunday. She said she's always been around alcoholics growing up and probably still today. I can't relate to that, but I was very happy she shared with us. It's been six months and she hasn't shared that publicly within a sermon. I hope she shares more about who she is within the next six months.
Good thoughts, bad thoughts, personal thoughts...

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