Friday, July 22, 2005
Today I had a great talk with an old college friend who started her own business this spring called HALO FRAMES . She and I are going to do an Open House together. She'll bring her frames and I'll display my Shaklee products and people can browse. My Open Houses, although not highly populated, have been successful. In July I made $150 in 90 minutes so not a bad day's work.
Thursday, July 21, 2005
On Tuesday we found out that we're going to have a little boy! We are so excited and of course a little nervous because both of our extended families are overloaded with girls! We didn't have a preference either way so I'm glad we have a healthy baby!

Claire and I are still weaning. It's going well. I've limited eat feeding to 10 minutes about three times a day and she's naturally making it less on her own. She's increasing her whole milk intake which is good and her amount of food is steadily growing too. Next Monday night Brian is going to start doing all the night activities for Claire without me. So I'll clean the kitchen or take a walk or go do an errand. Hopefully, we'll be fully weaned by August, but we'll see. It's going better than I thought it would so I'm thankful for that!

My Shaklee church fundraiser is going slow. I have one order in so far, but I'm optimistic I can get a few more!
Saturday, July 16, 2005
I've noticed a few people interested in Project MAHMA by Shaklee have accessed my blog! If you're interested in knowing more and you live in Oregon, or anywhere for that matter, post a comment and I'll get back to you with more info! My sponsor lives in Wisconsin so it's definitely possible to learn about this business even if you're not in the same neighborhood as your business colleagues!

Regarding my Shaklee business, I've decided to donate 10% of my July sales to my church. I'm thinking of doing this sort of thing a few times of year to help out our small Methodist church, but that's with hopes that my Shaklee business keeps growing!

Cheers to creating healthier lives!
We are starting the weaning process. It's been a week now and it's actually been going very well. Instead of nursing her pretty much whenever, we've limited it to three or four times a day for a period of 10 minutes maximum. My OBGYN suggested I stop nursing by my seventh month of pregnancy and I'm right now at 19 weeks (almost five months). I made the choice to finally start trying after a period of about an hour where she'd fall asleep so I'd detatch and she'd wake up screaming. After trying this three or four times, I was frustrated. I immediately found this book my mom bought when she started breastfeeding me over 29 years ago called Nursing Your Baby by Karen Pryor.

One thing I really took from the passages on weaning your toddler and tandum nursing was the idea of resentment. She wrote that your toddler can sense being resented (for wanting to nurse even though the mother might be tired from nursing the newborn) and that children can tolerate being told they can't nurse better than knowing the mother resents them for wanting to nurse. A similar idea stated that if either the mother or child started resenting the process of nursing, it wasn't healthy to continue. Hopefully, she found studies to prove this, but even if not, I can understand her logic.

I enjoy nursing Claire, but I've noticed I've been tired and do get frustrated when she hangs on forever. Now I lay her down on her bed before her nap and at night after ten minutes of nursing often times when she's awake.
She's seemed to have accepted that we're nursing for shorter periods and that I'll tell her no when she asks to nurse because it's convenient. I've had to substitute more meals of real food for her, but that's good for me even if it is more work. We're going to make it, but it is an interesting and growing process for both of us...
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