Monday, February 26, 2007
My daughter is three years old and it's time to start applying for pre-schools! Yes, applying, attending Open Houses, getting put on waiting lists! It's crazy that at this young age of three she has to go through a similar process as applying for university! Urgh!

We have three schools we're thinking about right now. Two are co-ops, one is not. It seems like a lot of work considering she'll only be in class 5 hours a week (2 1/2 hours twice a week).

The fourth option that I've dreamed about is enrolling her in the French-American International School of Portland. Right now five half-days would cost us $9930 a year ($1100 a month) compared to the $85 a month the co-op would charge. Granted the hours in class are significantly different... A half-day at the F.A.I.S is at least five hours (I'm guessing here) so I'm looking at 25 hours vs. 5 hours a week. I am a (simple) math girl so after doing the comparison the FAIS is still over twice as expensive as a co-op. It seems a little steep for a pre-school, but ideally, I know it is the best time for our children to learn a second language--"the earlier the better!"

So the next question is how much do I really believe in bilingual education!!! What would I be willing to sacrifice so our children could attend a school that would help them learn French now... Would they use this skill in the future? Would it be for me instead of them? I love French. I know that doesn't mean my children will love French too. It's a similar scenario to I like to go to church. Will my children like to go to church when they are adults?

Two similar situations, but one option doesn't require that we spend $10,000 a year to impose what we believe in on our children...

How many people send their children to FAIS and actually have to sacrifice their way of life? Or how many have the money waiting in savings so they can pay their bill in full?

I think we missed the application deadline for this year anyway at FAIS so this internal debate I'm having with myself is probably moot, but if the opportunity arises for next year or if they extended the deadline for us to enroll Claire in the fall, I'd be tempted to do it. What do you think, Brian??? What do other people think???

I know Brian and I believe in education and do mind having our student loan debt, but we were both products of public schools (and very very educated parents) and we are doing fine... Maybe we should save that money for a trip to France instead... We all might get more out of it--who knows?
Friday, February 02, 2007
The days fly by! Elliot is walking and now13 1/2 months old! Claire is turning 3 on Monday and in size 5/6 shirts and size 4 pants! Crazy! We're having her birthday party this weekend with lots of her friends and little siblings of her friends so it'll be wild, and fortunately, not at our house.

I'm planning on painting this end of winter and hope to be done by the end of spring, but I really have no idea of how picky, slow or fast I'll be. My goal is to paint while kids are asleep at night, but of course, that'll be 1-2 hours until I need to go to bed! I know I could ask for help, but in the beginning I want to try it on my own. I also want to get red curtains for our main floor south side windows. Can't wait to get that change made!

So...with two kids, two home-based businesses, a house and husband to take care of, and myself...life is definitely full and never boring. I think I'm handling things well, but I'd love to get 6 hours of straight sleep each night. Then, I think life would seem less hectic.

Yes, two businesses. I'm still doing Shaklee, but I'm really doing Jewels by Park Lane. It's fun and more lucrative than Shaklee...and my husband likes it better too. That definitely makes a big difference in how excited I get about "working."

Well, Claire's diving into her cupcakes for tomorrow's party so I'd better scoot.

Enjoy the beautiful spring flowers coming up from the ground. I can't wait for the first spring colors to arrive :-)


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